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Newsletter 04/2012


New Factory Building Combleted

In August 2012, the long-awaited new factory building was completed. The additional shop floor space of 2000 square meters for production, assembly and storage is already in use. In the medium run, this space should be sufficient for us – but we had thought that the last time, too.
The new hall, with its 10 m high roof, accommodates Production and Assembly, and also ample social rooms, a kitchen, several meeting and staff rooms, an archive and, last but not least – a “Health Centre“ with massage table, infrared cabin, physio climbing wall and various fitness equipment. Here, our staff may relax and get fit for work and leisure, under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist.
A solar power system is installed on the roof of the factory building.
Let’s have a look at our new buildings and  a little tour through the new rooms:
 Welcome to ematec AG    South front - old and new: In the foreground the "old" hall, and behind it the addition with the higher roof.

We are already working in the new hall!    East side: Stairs and  access to the social rooms and the Health Centre

 View of the assembly hall on the south side.
Everything is sunny and tidy. 
   The north side: Cutting Department and Raw material warehouse: The "dirty" side 

 Also on the north side:
 The machining department 
   The high-rack warehouse. 
Suitably positioned between  Manufacture and Assembly 

 NEW: Meeting room "Einstein"    New: Our canteen may lso be used as a
  meeting or training room

 Our modern and completely equipped kitchen
 for the use of all staff

 Our "Health Centre": Fitness equipment, 
 "Physiotherapy corner with "Physio wall" and
 infrared cabin.


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