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Newsletter 02/2010


The building work continues

In the spring of 2010, we commenced the building work for the extension of our existing production and assembly hall in Memmingerberg. Our production site, which had officially been commissioned in 2008, has become already too small after only two years.
In spite of the economic crisis, which did not entirely spare us, our space requirements are ever increasing. We put in another floor in the final assembly workshop to bridge the time until we can move into the new hall building. It is not much, but is gets us through the current bottleneck.
As was reported earlier in our newsletter of 11/2009, we expanded our storage areas during last autumn by about 50%. Now the area between the existing hall and the storage tent has been filled up and stabilized, and the foundation laid for the next seven hall segments. Once this building project is completed, we will have almost tripled our existing production area.

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