Assembly engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Grab for right-angle gear drive

Function / job

Manual handling of right-angle gear drive during assembly of car gearboxes.

Special features

Pneumatic grab unit, positive gripping of work piece with one grab jaw. Opposite grab jaw with turntable and spherical PU cap. Closing motion of grab exclusively controlled by spring operation. Grab opens via pneumatic cylinder. One-button (one-hand) operation. Manual 90° swivel axis.

Technical data

Work piece weight approx. 150 N
Grab power approx. 500 N per grab finger
Pneumatic connection
Swivel angle
5 bar, dry, unoiled


Grob-Werke, Mindelheim
VW Kassel

Realization period / year

November 2002

Ident No.
502 8 285 DB
Month / year