Automation engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Underwater visual dunk tank

Function / job

Dunk tank for underwater leak testing of HDEP engine blocks.

Special features

Tests two types of engine blocks. Infeeding and discharging of engine blocks is on the same side. Seals are pressed on by means of spring force. Seals are retracted by pneumatic cylinders; cylinders remain above water while component is submerged. Sides to be sealed: exhaust side, combustion chamber side, oil cooler side.

Technical data

Test pressure 1.5 bar
Swivel angle 0°/-330° viewed in
transport direction
Lift 700 mm
Work piece weight 340 kg max.
Pneum. connection  4.3 bar, dry, unoiled


Grob-Werke Mindelheim

Realization period / year

from August 2010

Ident No.
504 2 485
Month / year