Automation engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Set-up station

Function / Job

Lift-and-turn table for the changing of workpiece pallets for milling machines


The station has been designed for installation in a pit and is equipped with an inground cladding. The lifting unit is powered by two hydraulic cylinders and comes with a stepless height adjustment. The slewing gear consists of a toothed ball-slewing connection which is driven by an electric motor.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 6000x1640x1200 mm
Lift  600 mm 
Load-carrying capacity  max. 4000 kg
Turning range  +180° / -90° 


Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH

Realization period /year

From May 2015

Ident No.
505 7 210 e
Month/ yaear