Handling engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Loading portal with elevator for roller conveyor

Function / job

Automatic loading and unloading of work piece carriers. Automatic lifting of a roller conveyor segment on two different levels.

Special features

Steel section column. Level adjustable by means of 4 adjusting feet. Loading portal comes as compact unit with pneumatic cylinders without piston rods. Elevator: Lift slide is a plate construction with guide elements (circulating ball elements). Lift drive via geared motor and belt with integrated antidrop device.

Technical data (Loading portal)

Lifting weight max.
Control voltage
820 mm
200 N
Pneumatic cylinder
24 V

Technical data (Elevator)

Lifting weight max.
Power supply
Control voltage
650 mm
1500 N
Gear motor
400 V / 50 Hz
24 V


Fa. fam, Memmingen;
ThyssenKrupp, Brackwede

Realization period / year

April 2003

Ident No.
502 8 621
Month / year