Handling engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Cylinder head inspection station

Function / job

Work piece holder for visual inspection during intermediate and final inspection process

Special features

All axes designed for manual operation. Comes with mechanical stopper and rocker for longitudinal fixation of work piece on roller conveyor. Work piece lies on or against rubber buffers during turning. Turning axle = axis through center of gravity (with and without work piece). Rotational bearing of vertical turning axis by means of a slewing ring. Reject work pieces are pushed manually onto the rejects conveyer, directly from the Rhönrad-type carrier, which is turned by 90°.



Technical data

Concatenation height
approx. 1000 mm
Length of roller conveyor
approx. 2000 mm –
for 3 work pieces
Turning range of Rhönrad-
type carrier
+/- 135°


Grob-Werke Mindelheim


Realization period / year

from June 2010

Ident No.
504 0 718
Month / year