Handling engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Tool trolley with loading aid

Function / job

Loading of horizontally placed tools with HSK 100 at tool lift.

Special features

Steerable trolley with 8 tool holders. Loading aid with tool gripper. Suitable for the loading of double-spindle machines (left-right loading). Lifting axis movement is hydraulically powered. Smooth-running guides and joints; articulated arm is fixed in a defined position during trolley movement. Loading aid may be moved and positioned by means of guide handles or directly by gripping at the tool.

Technical data

Tool size HSK 100
Tool weight 13-20 kg
Tray height on trolley 1057 mm
Handover height at lift  1322,11 mm
Total stroke 300 mm 


Grob Werke

Realization period / year

from May 2011

Ident No.
504 3 646
Month / year