Hydraulic engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Special hydraulic cylinder

Function / job

Operates the tilting table in a cutting machine.

Special features

Choke and solenoid valves cycle the oil column through the line network and so ensure cleaning via the unit's oil filter. The built-in sealing system is rated for a heavyduty 3-shift application. Even if the so-called "Diesel" effect occurs, the sealing and guide system can handle it. A tappet built into the cylinder head controls the end
position of the piston.

Technical data

Operating pressure
Testing pressure
100 / 140 mm
1.700 mm
250 bar
350 bar


Hebel Emmering GmbH & Co
Hebel Wittenborn GmbH
Gerhard & Rauch GmbH
Hebel Porz GmbH

Realization period / year

1997 to March 1998

Ident No.
502 0 502 DB
Month / year