Hydraulic engineering

Description / Name of the machine

BZGF9 Hydraulic unit – Silent

Description / name of special machine

BZGF9 Hydraulic unit – Silent.

Function / job

Supplies pressure to external loads using a hydraulic pressure of 250 bar and more.

Special features

Silent – Unit comes in a frame and can be lifted with a crane or fork lift truck. Work lights with telescopic mast. Stand-alone unit powered by a Diesel engine. The lift drive of the telescopic mast is operated by an air hand pump. The assembly jib can be deposited on the top surface.

Technical specifications

Unit size 2300x1450x1350mm (LxWxH)
Max. sound power level less than 101dB
Hydraulic pressure 350bar
Hydraulic oil capacity >60 l/min.
Own weight 1920 kg


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Realization period / year

From October 2009

Month / Year