Hydraulic engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Hydraulik power unit with 2 adjusting cylinders

Function / Job

The hydraulic unit serves to power two hydraulic cylinders which are used to adjust the horizontal position of a load.

Special features  

The hydraulik power unit comes standard in silent version, mounted on a trolley. The Diesel engine allows an independent operation of the power unit. Every adjusting cylinder has two hoses with a length of 50 m each, which can be wound up and stored of the hydraulik power unit.

Technical data

Dimensions (power unit) 930 x 890 x 1980 mm (WxHxL)
Noise emission max. 101 dB
Hydraulik oil pressure 250 bar
Hydraulik flow rate 8,3 l/min.
Weight, total 780 kg


GHHL Saudi Arabia

Realization period /Year  

From January 2012

Ident No.
504 4 706