Load-carrying equipment

Description / Name of the machine

Spreader with 4 pairs of grabs

Function / job

Same-orientation picking and placing of horizontal walls segments for wooden houses.

Special features

Profiled grab jaws take up the load in a friction-locking grip. Fold-in crash protectors ensure that the load is secure. Two grab pairs are used to take up short wall segments, while all four grab pairs are used to take up long segments. Every pair of grabs is controlled by its own hydraulic cylinder. The simultaneous movement of the arms of a pair of grabs is ensured mechanically.

Technical data

Load-carrying capacity  1.6 tons
Length of segments 3000 - 7600 mm
Grab range 2600/2900 mm
Max. opening width 3000 mm
Crane connection 2 suspension points at
a distance of 4350 mm


CTI Systems

Realization period / year

from April 2011

Ident No.
504 2 777
Month / year