Load-carrying equipment

Description / Name of the machine

Turn-around tool gripper

Function / job

Gripper with movable gripper arms and powered turning jaws for the turning around of tools.

Special features

Taking up of loads through frictional engagement via prism grip jaws. Clamping force is generated mechanically via spring force. The gripper always closes and is selfacting. Monitoring of clamping force is visualized by means of a red-green area. Operates with compressed air only, does not need electric supply.

Technical data

Work piece weight max.
Operating pressure
Tool height
Gripper opening span
Overall height
320 kg
5,1 bar
250 mm
193-525 mm
approx. 1000 mm


Thöni Industriebetriebe GmbH

Realization period / year

From March 2009

Ident No.
503 8 781