Built-on loader Type M213 on Unimog U1600, U300 und U400

M 213 on Unimog U 1600 with ematec - 100S clamshell attachment

M 213 on Unimog U 300

M 213 on Unimog U 400

Description/Name of machine

Built-on loader Type M213


Powerful crane and loader for for energy- and service construction, communal and military applications.

Special features

Ceaseless pivot unit, Load Sensing, quick crane moves

Specifications at a glance

Working range Reach 7.6 m
digging depth approx. 4m
Hook clearance approx. 10 m
deviation moment approx. 7 mt
power consumption  45 kW
built-on weight approx. 2900 kp
(without accessories)


u.a. Enaco (Maisach), Mainova AG (Frankfurt)

Realisation period/year

since January 2002

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Technical changes reserved!