Videoclips built-on loader M 213:

To download the clips, please click onto the images. To playback you will need a MPEG-1 capable player, Windows Media Player for instance. On low-bandwidth connections we recommend using right mouse button -> save target as and playback locally.

Setting up the device
  Device at work
Duration: 1:24 min
Size: 3.938 kB
Format: 320 x 240
Duration: 0:54 min
Size: 2.460 kB
Format: 320 x 240
shut down of the device - ready for transport
  360 Degree camera rounddrive
Duration: 1:53 min
Size: 4.963 kB
Format: 320 x 240
Duration: 0:51 min
Size: 2.952 kB
Format: 320 x 240