Transport engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Stacker attachment / round profile gripper

Function / job

Handling of bars and round profiles

Special features

This attachment tool can variably take up and move bar material and round stock with nominal diameters of 50 to 30mm. A rotary joint enables the grab to hydraulically balance the horizontal position by ± 15°. The round stock gripper is designed as an attachment tool for lift trucks, it is taken up with the forks, and operated by an additional hydraulic system on the fork-lift truck.

Technical data

Grab range/ nominal diameters
Max. length of profiles
Load-carrying capacity max.
Positional compensation approx.
Dead weight approx.
Powered by
Ø 50 bis Ø 300 mm
6.000 mm
2.000 kg
± 15° (horizontal)
460 kg
additional hydraulics
on forklift truck


Fa. Willenbrock Fördertechnik, Bremen

Realization period / year

February 2005

Ident No.
503 1 175 DB