Building materials industry

Description / Name of the machine

Tandem Tongs with adjustable grab units

Function / job

Transport of jumbo slabs in aerated concrete production

Special features

The tongs consist of two grip units which can be axially moved via a synchronous belt drive. The distance between the grip units is adjusted by a spindle drive. Grip arms which are offset against each other allow a maximum clamping range. The grip units are powered by a hydraulic unit integrated in the tongs frame. The clamping force can be steplessly adjusted. The complete tongs are taken up by an existing transport clamp and connection to the crane control is established through quick couplings. When the tandem tongs are not used, they are placed into a special parking frame and disengaged. The set-up time is only about 5 min.

Technical data

Carrying capacity
Clamping range
Dead weight
Clamping length
Working range
2 x 1000 kg
75 – 800 mm
1800 kg
2 x 800 mm
from 2000 to 6000 mm


Hebel Wittenborn GmbH

Realization period / year

October 1997

Ident No.
502 0 645 DB