Earth-moving machinery

Description / Name of the machine

Filling station

Function / job

The unit is mounted to a forklift truck and is thus mobile. It serves to fill up mobile cranes at the assembly and acceptance station of the manufacturer’s plant.

Special features

The unit is TÜV approved (Association for Technical Inspection) for transportable application. Drive of feed pump via oil motors and existing lift truck hydraulic system. Rated for the filling of mobile cranes with Diesel fuel and hydraulic oil; with volumeter for each Diesel and hydraulic oil. Hose lines are 20 m long, fuel nozzles comes with contact switch.

Technical data

Tank volume - Diesel
Tank volume - hydraulic oil
2000 l
600 l


LWE – Liebherrwerk Ehingen

Realization period / year

From May 2007

Ident No.
503 7 064