Earth-moving machinery

Description / Name of the machine

TDXL 33- Dolly

Function / job

Dolly with two axles for heavy mobile crane; for supporting and depositing the telescopic jib during road transport.

Special features

Superstructure of dolly with all required degrees of freedom for the jib movements possible during road transport and shunting. Carrier frame held in gimballed system, is turning and adjustable in height. Length equalization via hardened support rollers. Trailer axles come with pneumatic springs and a two-wire brake system.

Technical data

Load-carrying capacity
Empty weight
Allowed speed max.
18.7 to
4.3 to
80 km/h


Liebherr Werk Ehingen GmbH

Realization period / year

From January 2008

Ident No.
503 4 151
Month / year