Earth-moving machinery

Description / Name of the machine

BZGF 4/5 hydraulic Unit

Function / job

Supplies pin pulling equipment during erection and dismantling of crawler cranes. Unit for crane emergency operation.

Special features

Independent use possible, because unit is powered by Diesel engine. Integrated hydraulic control block with all valves. Simple operation, pressure changeover switch, automatic idling speed.

Technical data

Dimensions (unit) 1050 x 1300 x 2050mm (WxHxL)
Hydraulic oil tank nominal contents 150 l
Operating pressure, High-pressure 250 bar max.
Low-pressure 10-50 bar, adjustable
Drive 10 KW Diesel (four-stroke)
Capacity at 3000 r/min 60 l/min
Total weight 580 kg (without hydraulic oil)


LWE Liebherr-Werke, Ehingen

Realization period / year

February 2004

Ident No.
502 9 080
Month / year