Earth-moving machinery

Description / Name of the machine

Reeving winch for telescopic fork lift trucks

Function / job

Auxiliary unit for crawler crane erection. The rope winch must be used as an assembly winch only.

Special features

Rope winch designed for use with plastic ropes ø 17 m. Rope pull direction is horizontal. Carrier frame in stable welding construction, suitable for mechanical quick change at telescopic jib. Comes with winch crash protection.

Technical data

Max. rope accommodation 153 with a rope dia. of 17mm
Drum diameter 265 mm 
Drum length 481 mm
Pull force 1st rope layer 42 kN (at 300 bar)
Rope speed 1st rope layer 40 m/min (at approx. 69 l/min oil flow)
Operating pressure 300 bar
Max. oil flow 80 l/ min


Liebherr Werk Ehingen GmbH

Realization period / year

From September 2009


503 9 188
Month / Year
04 / 2010