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Rotor Blade Lifter RBT 11.5

Function / job

Crane-suspended lifting gear for the gripping and positioning of rotor blades during the assembly and disassembly of wind power plants.

Special features

The Rotor Blade Lifter RBT 11.5 consists of a turning beam and a gripping beam which are linked by chains. The complete rotor blade lifter is suspended from the crane by means of adjustable suspension lugs on the turning beam. The turning beam allows the turning/pitching as well as the tilting of the rotor  blade. The tilting movement is powerd hydraulically. The gripper beam has two pairs of grippers that are equipped with profiled rubber pressure plates, as well as two lower front jaws and two telescopable retaining claws with which the rotor blade is held in a form-fitting grip. These movements are also powered hydraulically.

Technical data

Load-carrying capacity 11500 kg
Dead weight 25000 kg
Pitching angle of grippers  -10° to +97° 
Tilting angle of beam  -6° to +6° 


Nordex Energy GmbH

Realization period / year  

From May 2012

Ident No.504 5 933
Month /year09/12


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