Hoisting technology

Description / Name of the machine

Star-shaped spreader with 3 arms

Funktion / Job

Same-orientation picking and placing of symmetrical goods.

Special features 

Three oval rings take up the load. They are mounted on shackles hanging from a perforated arm. The work distance can be adjusted. 3 stop pins with end disk. The spreader is suspended from the crane by means of a welded-on eye in the center of the spreader. The eye is suitable for a single hook. 

Technical data  

Load-carrying capacity max. 1000 kg
Distance of oval rings 400 - 900 mm
Construction height oval ring to suspension 650 mm
Length of arm 1000 mm
Work  diameter of stop pins 2070 mm


Plansee GmbH

Realization period/year

from December 2011

504 4 471