Hoisting technology

Description / Name of the machine

4-way stone tongs

Function / job

Internal transport of aerated concrete blocks in production

Special features

Owing to the integrated intelligent steel structure the power-to-weight ratio is extremely good. Hermetically shielded guides with a central lubrication are rated for a maximum life. Spherically held clamping jaws ensure an ideal distribution of stress in the block, thus considerably reducing the risk of breakage!

Technical data

Carrying capacity
Clamping range
Own weight
Clamping length
Powered by
8.000 kg
900 – 1.900 mm
3.100 kg
4 x 1.500 mm
hydraulic unit


Hebel Porz GmbH

Realization period / year

April 1997

dent No.
502 0 471 DB
Month / year

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