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Lubricant test bench with NC axis control

Function / job

Suitable for the testing of jerk-slide effects in lubricants and guide elements, as a factor of different bearing forces in friction spots.

Special features

In climate chambers, the testing of jerk-slide effects as a factor of different temperatures and air humidity is also possible. Slide adjustment via AC motor with recirculating ball screw and pretensioned spindle nut (reduces play). Speed steplessly adjustable via frequency converter. Powered by an absolute-value transducer and tachometer.

Technical data

Max. test force 8000 N
Slide speed max. 6 m/min
Weight of device approx. 60 kg
Slide travel approx. 300 mm


Hermann Bantleon GmbH

Realization period / year

From January 2010

Ident No.504 0 918
Month / year11/10

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