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Paper and film dispenser with single magazine

Function / job

Pulling off, cutting and positioning on support of individual sheets (paper or film) to be used as intermediate layers in aluminum bar packaging.

Special features

Semi-automatic operation; operated from an operating panel Alignment/positioning of individual sheets either by front edge, rear edge or center. Paper discharge is powered by an electric motor with an absolute-value speed sensor. Gripping and cutting devices come with a pneumatic drive.

Techn. Daten 
Weight per roll approx. 100 kg
Roll diameter max. 600 mm
Core diameter 75 mm
Roll width 200-800 mm
Length of unit approx. 14.000 mm
Paper discharge speed 1 m/sec when discharging
1,6 m/sec when empty


Hermann u. Hieber GmbH

Realization period / year

from September 2010

Ident No.Month / year
504 1 29012 / 10

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