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Gantry for picking and placing of coils

Function / job

Automatic picking and placing of coil stacks from coil turning station onto shelf, with vertical axis.

Special features

The gantry runs over the coil loading, coil discharge and another parallel feed line area. The gantry trolley is designed as a two-rail bridge with the crab rail on top. Inside grabs with 2 grab arms that are linearly adjustable. Grab arms take load up by dipping into the inside diameter and grabbing the coils from underneath.

Technical data

Load-carrying capacity  max. 3500 kg
Width of coil grabs 400 / 500 mm
Length of gantry 10200 mm
Bridge travel 4400 mm
Crab travel 3500 mm
Z-axis lift 2375 mm


Hermann und Hieber GmbH

Realization period / year

from August 2010

Ident No.504 1 949
Month / year12/ 2010

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