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Set-up station with tilt-and-turn axis

Function / job

Set-up station for workpiece pallets. The set-up station comes with a chain conveyor.


A stable bearing enables the tilting movement of the platform.
Hydraulic cylinders move the tilt drive. The cylinders are equipped with load-holding valves. The pallet turntable is mounted onto the tilting platform and powered by a gear brake motor. An index pin (with play) secures the 90° positions against twisting. The pallet is pushed into a form-fitting groove.

Tecnical specifications

Load-carrying capacity 6500 kg
Tilting angle 90° / 40 sec
Turning range 4 x 90°


Liebherr Verzahntechnik Kempten

Realization period / year

From October 2015

IIdent No.505 8 475 

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