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Highlights of the RBC

worldwide unique

Master of transformation unique among yokes with fantastic value

single package. Compact transport dimensions. Low weight. Transportation with a permanent permit

Due to the compact transport dimensions and its low weight the RBC lowers the transport effort as well as the costs. With all pads retracted the overall dimensions are just 13 m x 3 m x 2.95 m. This ensures easy shipping with a permanent permit – no special permit necessary. The RBC doesn´t have to be disassembled in order to ship it – and no time-consuming assembly on the next construction site. The RBC is always operational and can start work in just minutes.

Unload – Switch on – get started!

There is no on site assembly required. Between arrival on site and slinging the first blade a maximum of 15 minutes is required. To install or dismount a blade only a single crane is necessary. Thanks to the low construction height the height of the hook can be optimized for large hub heights and therefore time and money can be saved.

The benefits of our Rotor blade clamp construction
  • No assembly required
  • a single crane is sufficient for installation and dismounting of rotor blades
  • The RBC is always ready to be used and can start working in just a few minutes

Embedding instead of gripping
unique worldwide

perfect fit. gentle. adaptive

The RBC is the first ever yoke to nestle its adaptive support pads up against the blades surface to generate a widespread, perfectly fit contact surface. This not only makes the RBC future proof, but also a great investment for maintenance companies since it is backwards compatible with all existing blades. This individually adapted contact interface applies very low pressure onto the blade, which guarantees a damage free operation.
The 14 supporting arms with their elastic and gimbal-mounted pads form the adaptive blade interface. The blade is very gently embedded in these and held securely. When closing the gripper, the individual pads nestle against the blade and create a form fit with very low pressure. They create an ideally adapted load bearing surface, which is large enough to lower the pressure on all contact surfaces to a uncritical minimum. Four additional adaptive safety pads clamp down from above and ensure encompassing the blade and provide a secure hold.
The pads automatically and individually adapt to each and every blade, therefore it is suited for each existing and future blade.

The RBC is an all round talent which makes your company independent from blade types, -sizes or -manufactures. Completely adaptable without changing parts or any kind of re-fitting work. The blade type as well as the blade orientation (root on clamp side A or B) is selected on the remote control and the corresponding parameters are set.


Thanks to the gimbal-mount the pads automatically nestle up against the blade contour. This ensures an optimized contact with the blade surface as well as even distributed reaction forces. Spring loader pre-position adapters with plastic gliders orient the pads relative to the blade before they make first contact to ensure no shifting forces are present. They press perpendicular against the blades surface. The Pads are quickly exchangeable without any tools and can be changed to special ones for areas with vortex generators.

The all-rounder

The all-round talent for every blade

Ready for use at every temperature, every weather and around the clock

The pads adjust themselves automatically and individually and therefore the RBC is suited for all existing blades as well as future generation of wind turbines. This makes it the all-round talent for every challenge and frees you and your company from blade type, weight and manufacturer dependencies. Completely adaptable without changing parts or any kind of re-fitting work. The RBC guarantees secure grip at +/- 30° tilt angle without any safety ropes.

Flexible & agile

center of gravity

Globally unique center of gravity compensation

In order to compensate the different centers of gravity with and without a blade as well as different types of blades the RBC has a NC controlled COG compensation. This ensures that the gripper stays horizontally no matter what blade is mounted. Uncontrolled swinging and oscillating when releasing the blade and therefore the risk of accidents and damages are eliminated.

Pitch and tilt

When picking up the laid out blades, the RBC can adjust its position relative to the blade thanks to the pitch and tilt functions (the real world angular position of the blades always differ from the theoretical ones). The pitch function can adjust +/- 8° while tilting is possible for +/- 6°. The set angles are monitored and independently shown on the remote controls display. With the tilt and pitch functions it´s possible to grab the blades under real world conditions independently from their angular position and even compensate for positioning inaccuracies while slinging. You want to install and dismount blades at 30°? No problem, since the advanced RBC-D can mount and dismount blades at +/- 30° – without any need for safety ropes!

height and additional data


High end solution

The construction of the RBC sets a new standard in regard to the headroom. The distance between the center of the RBC and the crane hook is with just 3.5 m incredibly short and offers therefore increased and unrivaled flexibility in regards to planning a construction site and choosing a crane configuration.

technical specifications

Load capaticy: 35 to (up to 50 to)
Net weight RBC 35: ca 21.5 to
Net weight RBC-D 35: ca 25 to
Temperature range: -20°C to 50°C
Transport dimensions: 13 m x 3 m x 2.95 m
Headroom: 3.5 m from the center of the gripper to crane hook
Pitch angle: -8° to +8°
Tilt angle RBC 35: -6° to +6°
Tilt angle RBC-D 35: -35° to +35°
Height of the lower gripper part: ~500 mm (600 mm clearance under the blade is sufficient)
Drive: electrohydraulic
Power output: 6 x 2.2 kW
Energie­versorgung: Energy supply:



Standard features

Multiple redundant energy supply
Remote control with 2 handsets
Spare batteries for the remote controls
Battery charger
Big signal pillar to indicate the machine status
Single ladder to climb onto the top of the RBC
Walkable, anti-slip walkway surfaces with PPE attachment points on the top site
3 flood lamps, switchable via remote control
Tool boxes to store auxiliary material and controls
Clearly marked lashing and suspension points
Key safe with combination lock
Laser distance meter as positioning aid


Camera system with 5 cameras to ease positioning of the blade – display on large color screen
Load cells integrated in the master link assembly to directly measure the real tensile forces while operating – display on remote control screen
Integrated radio modem for data exchange via GSM. Suited for remote maintenance and update transmission
Data logging function to document the operating state
Plastic support plates
Special pads for contact with vortex generators with built on storage box
Spare part package as a "first-aid" service kit with built on storage box
UL/CSA conformity
Off shore version with DNVGL certification
Integrated tagline system
On-the-job training
Train-the-instructor training
Documentation in languages other than English and German

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