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Newsletter 05/2012


Spectacular arrival

Never has there been anything supplied to ematec AG in a more spectacular manner!
During the night of the 29/30 August 2012, a 50 m long rotor blade, part of a wind farm, weighing about 11 tons was transported from the motorway A7 exit at Memmingen-Ost, through Memmingerberg, to the gates of the ematec AG factory. For this, whole traffic lights had to be dismantled, slabs be installed on unpaved surfaces, and streets had to be cordoned off for several hours .

The rotor blade had started its long journey in Rostock and travelled through the whole of Germany. ematec AG need it for trials: In the past few months, we have developed a special gripper, with which these rotor blades may be assembled on wind power plants much easier and faster than before, using a large crane.

By the way, for the time being, this rotor blade will stay with us, a transport back to Rostock is not intended. 

Bildquelle: Thomas Pöppel ( new-

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