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Rotor Blade Clamp -
A grab for all circumstances

  • Up to 50 tons blade weight 
  • Ready for immediate use - no assembly
  • One clamp for all blade types 
  • Gentle adaptive blade support
  • Pitching & tilting around the center of gravity 
  • Sensational overall height
  • One Package - Easy to Transport


Engineering with a good grip

Our family business from Memmingen in the Unterallgäu region has become one of the specialists when it comes to the area of machine and gripping technology. For some years now, we have also been developing hoisting equipment for the world's most important manufacturers and operators of wind turbines and wind farm facilities. Thus, our company is considered one of the most innovative think tanks in the wind energy industry.

Technology & Quality

We have set ourselves the task to solve challenges and tasks by employing the latest state-of-the-art techniques, offering the highest possible quality level and reliability for the most economic price.

Innovative & Reliable

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our customers

  • Manfred M. Eberhard
    Dipl. Ing (FH)

    Managing Director

    Benchmark for efficient assembly

    With the RBC, we are responding to trends and the current challenges for our customers who have to assemble ever larger and, especially, gearless wind turbines. We now offer you the perfect solution for this.

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