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Newsletter 01/2012


BOI Fair 2012 in Thailand

This trade fair was organized and hosted by the Board of Investment (BOI). Originally, it was planned to take place in December 2011, but had to be postponed due to the floods. It is a mark of the organizers’, the exhibitors’ and the Thais’ flexibility and alacrity which made it possible to realize this trade fair despite adverse circumstances.
Would something like that be possible here? This is a question everyone can answer for himself. We, for our part, have some doubts.
The trade fair topic was „Going green for the future“
Renowned enterprises such as  Motors, Toyota, Dow Chemical, Ford, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Nissan Motors, Kubota and Suzuki exhibited their goods on the fair.


5-year partnership with ematec – SUTEE Group and 45-year anniversary of the SUTEE Group  

The SUTEE Group displayed their goods together with ematec AG on the BOI Fair 2012.
KEMREX, an enterprise of the SUTEE Group, gave countless demonstrations of the flexibility of the ematec M 215 excavator loader by showing how to drive in KRINNER earthscrew foundations.

From flagpoles, solar panels, billboards, street lamps to the SUTEE exhibition pavilion – a lot of things stood on earthscrew foundations that had been driven in by the M 215



Manfred Eberhard and Prasert Thammanookul, Präsident and CEO SUTEE Group


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