Assembly engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Grab for multi-coupling

Function / job

Assembly of multi-coupling with balancer

Special features

Grab unit with 3 grab fingers, positive gripping of work piece from underneath. Closing motion of grab exclusively controlled by spring operation. Grab opens via pneumatic cylinder. One-button (one-hand) operation, pre-centering arbour in grab center. Identification of grab closure and work piece presence via pneumatic switches (valves).

Technical data

Stroke approx. 70 mm
Work piece weight approx. 70 N
Grab power max.
Pneumatic connection
500 N per grab finger
5 bar, dry, unoiled


Grob-Werke, Mindelheim
VW Kassel

Realization period / year

June 2002

Ident No.
502 7 468 DB
Month / year