Transport engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Aircraft tractor rod with hydraulic shearing pin equipment Type TFA 2000

Function / job

Shunting and retrieval of small aircraft.

Special features

Hydraulic lifting device
Hydraulic, non-destructive shearing pin equipment, steplessly adjustable, with rigid, wide wheel holder (width = 500 mm)
optionally available with steered, narrow wheel holder (width = 220 mm)

Technical data

Load-carrying capacity
Shearing force
Drive of lifting device

Drawbar eye
max. 2 tons nose wheel load

adjustable from 2 – 30 kN
hand-operated hydraulic pump
∅ 40 mm, angle adjustable
pneumatic tyres


Airport Frankfurt-Hahn, Baden-Airpark, Klagenfurt, Wien, Innsbruck

Realization period / year

From November 2001

Ident No.
502 6 379
Month / year