Crane engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Handling unit . Surface crane with two bridges, rope balancer and turning grab for cylinder crankcases ZKG V6 and V8.

Function / job

Transfers work pieces from pallet at unloading station into a transport container, at the same time turning them by 180°.

Special features

The grab is a turn-type grab with pneum. and mechanical drive. The grab is equipped with a continuous turning function.

Technical data

Load-carrying capacity
per craneway
Travel per crane bridge

Load-carrying capacity
of grabs
max. 300 kg

x-axis 7 m; y-axis 3 m;
height of lift 1.3 m
max. 40 kg


Grob – KS – ATAG

Realization period / year

From Nov. 2007

Ident No.
503 7 596