Assembly engineering

Description / Name of the machine

Slewing pillar crane for thrust collar assembly

Function / job

Assembly aid for the mounting of thrust collars onto pinion shafts.

Special features

Main work position may be fixed via an indexing device, which is manually operated. Stepless control of lifting and lowering speeds at chain block. A hand-operated pneumatic cable balancer takes up and manipulates the thrust collar seats. A guide system supports the positioning of the thrust collars.

Technical data

Load-carrying capacity at chain block 500 kg
Load-carrying capacity at balancer 50 kg
Lift at chain block approx. ca. 2500 mm
Lift at balancer approx. ca. 1000 mm
Lifting speed 0,08 - 8 m/ min.


Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH

Realization period / year

From November 2009

504 0343
Month / year