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Sludge processing unit

Function / job

Stirs up cellular concrete fragments produced during cutting, using water. Returns raw material into the production process via diaphragm pumps.

Special features

Agitator with two counterrotating stirring shafts. Each shaft is equipped with 3 agitator wings. The agitator vessel and motor console is mounted on weighing cells. The bearings of the agitator shafts are maintenance-free and protected from vapor and particle penetration by means of labyrinth boxes, which are fed with stop air. Diaphragm pumps transport the sludges.

Technical data

Vessel volume 4.8 m³
Drive performance 2 x 22 KW
Agitator wings with proven special coating


Hebel Porz GmbH

Realization period / year

December 1997

Ident No.502 0 601 DB
Month / year12/97

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